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We proudly present Random Playback for Playlists!

With Skynet Playlist, you can have Playlist items displaying in random order, with random playback for Playlists! Secondly, we upped the ante so that you can display files on your Skynet Player. Thirdly, have you always wished you could use Clipart in your Layouts? Go right ahead and embellish your signage! Moreover, sub-playlists have new restrictions to give you more control over items getting displayed on your screens. How’s that for a quartet of power-packed features to usher in the New Year.

You spoke (more like clamored), and we listened! You can now set your Playlists to play media items in random order. And it’s super simple to do. Just check the ‘Random Playback’ box in the editing form of each Playlist and you’ll enable random playback for Playlists. Also, all media in the Playlist will play at least once. So go on, let your signage screens surprise you with random playback for playlists!

Random Playlist.png
Random Playlist 1.png
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