About Us

Skynet Media is the leading South African Digital Signage Solutions Company which provides Digital Signage to all industries. We specialise in digital media displays and interactive electronic kiosks/ATMs but we also supply solutions for other communications technology applications. leading provider of content-rich digital signage solutions that connect brands with people. To better serve our customers, we’ve continued to consistently enhance our digital signage platform and stay relevant as communication needs evolve Unique with multiple integrations with dynamic content APIs, our cloud-based software platform has been recognized by brands and industry analysts as an innovative visual communication solution that elevates on-site digital experiences.

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Promote Sales, Events or Menu Items with Digital Marketing Signage

Why Digital Signage and Digital Media?

Use in store digital media to deliver your most important marketing message right to your customer at the point of decision. The power of digital media for in store digital signage applications allows your message to have the most impact with the right customer at the right time.

Use Digital Signage To Grow Your Revenue

  • Digital signage increases impulse purchases by double digits at point-of-sale
  • Digital signage boosts up-selling, sales of higher margin products and combination offerings
  • Digital signage optimizes product mix and enhances cross-selling
  • Digital signage builds awareness and trial of new products
  • Digital signage transforms “dead” customer wait time into promotional opportunities
  • Digital signage converts shoppers to customers with engaging experiences and targeted offers

Use Digital Signage To Reduce Your Costs

  • Digital signage helps eliminate design, printing, logistics and distribution costs of point-of-purchase paper marketing collateral
  • Digital signage reduces waste of perishables
  • Digital signage drives down inventory expenses
  • Digital signage shrinks employee training costs

Use Digital Signage To Reinforce Your Brand

  • Digital signage ensures full compliance of all in-store promotional materials
  • Digital signage integrates in-store media with other advertising
  • Digital signage increases customer satisfaction with tailored in-store experiences
  • Digital signage builds brand awareness and recall
  • Digital signage delivers corporate communications to employees across sites rapidly and consistently
  • Digital signage helps streamline employee training

Digital Signage

Using Skynet Media’s digital signage solution enables your business to program and distribute targeted audio and video content to generate measurable sales increases.

With Skynet Media’s suite of digital media applications, you can optimize digital signage for in-store promotions and ensure they’re always integrated with your other marketing initiatives. With digital media and digital signage you get real-time feedback on what’s working; influence customer decisions and boost impulse purchases directly at the point of sale.